Columbus cycling club

Promoting Bicycling for everybody


2011 Goals

  1. Provide support and guidance to individuals and groups wishing to organize bicycle related activities, events, classes, etc.

  2. Act as a clearinghouse for information on events, issues, and opportunities in the cycling community

  3. Promote MTB race at Flat Rock Park (Ga State Championship Series)

  4. Advocate for increase cycling transportation accomodations (designated bike routes, bike lanes where appropriate, education)

  5. Bicycle Friendly Community designation by the League or American Bicyclists (LAB) - structured program for guidance and recognition for communities promoting better bicycling

  6. Ride of Silence - organized ‘awareness’ ride to commemorate and remember  fellow members of our community who have been injured or killed in bicycle related accidents

  7. Promote Education of bicyclists and general public on safe cycling and how to Share The Road

  8. Free newsletter via email to disseminate the latest news.



There is NO FORMAL MEMBERSHIP and NO DUES. We try to keep the financial requirements of the organization to a minimum and cover these through voluntary donations and passing a collection hat at each meeting.


Monthly - sometimes social, sometimes formal with a program or special guest


Sign up for FREE informative newsletter - send email to   We do not (and will not)  share your email with any person or organization.


who we are


President - Barry Carswell

V. President - Gabe Denes

Operations - Sheila Santa

Advocacy - Pat McHenry

MTB Ops - Paul Hein

Board Members

Dan Attaway

Charlene Eason

Wade Harrison

Becca Maricle